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  • Ideas brought to life

    Working with you to give your idea a voice and turning it into a successful business with paying users.

  • Web, Mobile, Android, iPhone, API

    We help you navigate the ever changing technology landscape and leverage the right technology for your business.

  • Partnerships that work

    We invest in you, building your application in exchange for equity so you can get your idea going without risking valuable capital.


Helping you be brilliant online

We work with entrepreneurs and startups to help them take great ideas and turn them into real life web and mobile applications with active users. We don’t just help you build your app, we invest in you and help you build your business.

Mobile Apps

Whether it’s Android, iPhone or Windows, everyone is accessing the internet on hand held devices.

We can help deliver your idea into as many hands a possible by quickly developing beta versions on a number of platforms. From specification to the first live analytics, we turn around projects fast to make sure we get feedback early and often, ensuring everything we do is being validated by actual users and you don’t waste your time or money.

Where ever your users are we’ll get your application there.

Web Apps and APIs

We’ve been building websites and server side data systems since before Google and we can help get your idea onto the web quickly and cheaply.

Whether you want a desktop and mobile site or simple API access to your data online, we can help you navigate the ever changing technology landscape and leverage the right technology for your business.

What ever your idea, let us help you bring it to life.

What people say

Mark Patterson, Inspired Agency

Having worked with Ben for some time now I can honestly say that he is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable project managers I have come across. Strategically he is forward thinking, with the ability to realise an organisations online vision. As well as strategy, his technical knowledge is also very impressive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ben, and look forward to working with him in the future.

Mark Patterson, Inspired Agency
Tom Newbould, Marketing Director, NCG

Ben is a pleasure to work with and had a real impact at NCG. He is not only an excellent Web Manager but also someone who is highly creative and forward-thinking. Combined with the ability to develop intimate customer understanding and apply this to innovative developments that deliver real outcomes, Ben will be an asset to any business. I would not hesitate to recommend him

Tom Newbould, Marketing Director, NCG
Tom Moore, Jam Jar Studios

Ben was asked to support the project group in an advisory capacity, to lend his technical knowledge and understanding of Higher Level Skills Providers in the North East. Ben is extremely knowledgeable but most importantly, he can relate technical solutions to individuals who don’t come from a technical background. Highly recommended

Tom Moore, Jam Jar Studios
Andrew Jarvis, Newcastle College

Having met Ben in a previous role at Newcastle College, I was impressed by his customer focus. As someone in a technical role, his focus on making things better for the end user improved various systems and products in that role.  I was lucky enough to then spend time working closely with Ben developing Twistan. His technical expertise, business acumen and dedication to improvement are what sets Ben apart from others and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Andrew Jarvis, Newcastle College
Nathan Davies, Emmanual Schools Foundation

Choosing only 3 top attributes for Ben is very difficult. I would state that Ben achieves great results, works well in any team. His ability to communicate expertise is superb. Working well to help us define a brief he then met that brief with results that exceeded expectations.

Nathan Davies, Emmanual Schools Foundation
Tony Blenkinsop, Granger Games, Logistics

Ben worked closely with our logistics team and came up with an effective, efficient and easy to understand system. Ben understood the needs of our company and Crate Track was designed, and implemented within our agreed timescale. Crate Track is now in use daily, allowing us to monitor and track all of our in transit goods.

Tony Blenkinsop, Granger Games, Logistics


A few things we've had fun building


Over 15 years of experience in design and digital geekery!

Ben Drury – Uber Geek

Husband of one, father of three, real ale lover, rugby watcher, avid reader and uber geek.

Ben has been working on websites and applications since the web was still called the “information super highway” – before the domain google.com was registered to Larry and Serge in September 1997. He is a very experienced coder and a successful digital project manager after 15 years involvement designing internet banks, building web applications and developing social media strategies.

He now spends the bulk of his time advising start ups and creatives on the best use of web and mobile technology to bring their ideas to life.

Ben lives at the coast in the North East with his wife and three children.

Agile Project Management
Web & App Development
Angular & Backbone
SQL Server

Project Management
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Adobe Creative Suite
Digital Marketing

Matt Isherwood – Uber Cool

Thoroughly nice fella – some might say too nice! And he still loves to work with pencil and paper.

From industrial design to product design to graphic design to web design, Matt has been working in design since his early teens and there is little in the way of design that Matt hasn’t tackled at some point. He’s worked on many and varied projects with a diverse portfolio of clients and he has an uncanny knack of truly understanding what the client wants. We think he can read minds – Oooo!

He now spends most of his time making things look super awesome and making them work simply brilliantly.

Matt is married with one young daughter.

Signature Matt

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Sites & Apps

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The issue at the heart of all that is wrong with business are organisations with a mission to maximise profit that supersedes all other considerations. I believe businesses should never have a mission that is simply “to make as much money as possible!” That’s pure greed! And greed is what turns capitalism bad! It’s what causes the sub prime mortgage market to collapse. It’s what drives Bernie Madoff to steal. It’s what causes thousands of job losses at Enron.

Greed is NOT Good, Mr Gekko!

Instead, let’s build businesses with inspiring missions and laudable core values that we’re not afraid to express to our customers. Let’s build businesses that are about more than just money. Let’s build Communities Of Work (COWs) on a Mission. This book shows you how to build your missional business and set about changing the world.

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