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We are Cogiva

we build your business online

Free Digital Planning

No more guess work.

We offer free comprehensive planning of your digital strategy to fit your business goals and your business budget. We make sure you don’t waste money, don’t waste time and actually get a return on investment for your online spending.

Got an Idea?

We build for equity.

We understand what it’s like when you’re starting out with a brand new idea. Getting your application built can be expensive. Not any more! If you’ve got a great idea, we’ll partner with you to provide the technical expertise to get your product to market.


Simple and effective.

We’ve been building websites and server side data systems since before Google. We can help get your business get an online presence that actually helps your business. Whatever your business goals, we’ll help you use the right technology that actually works.

Native Mobile Apps

Wherever your customers are

Everyone is accessing the internet on hand held devices. We can help deliver your idea into your customers hands quickly. We get feedback early and often, ensuring everything we do is being validated by actual users so you don’t waste your time or money.

Hosting & Support

We'll sweat the small stuff.

We know you just want to run your business. You don’t want to spend time and effort worrying about the technical side of things. That’s what we do. We’ll be your technical team with years of experience and knowledge brought to your business.

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Our Team

Made of Humans

Ben Drury

Uber Geek

Husband of one, father of three and uber geek. Ben has been working on websites and applications since before the domain google.com was around.

Matt Isherwood

Design Geek

Thoroughly nice fella! From industrial design to product design to graphic design to web design, Matt has been in design since his early teens.

Phil Franklin

Coding Machine

Phil is a coding machine and usually before we’ve asked for something, it’s already done! Efficient and fast, he drinks Earl Grey and eats Jammy Dodgers.

Simon Morrison

The Riddler

Simon is the man with an uncanny knack of finding people that need our help! And he’s constantly asking questions that make us better at what we do.

Studio 45

10 York Road,

Whitley Bay,

NE26 1AE.

Join Us

A space for you to call home!

We work a great little office and we want to share it with you! Studio 45 is a co-working space with a vibrant collection of freelance creative businesses working in central Whitley Bay, right above Mr. Darcey’s Café/Bar (you have to try the European selection of beers!)

No where is better value

If you’re a creative professional who would not only like a great atmosphere to work in, but you also want to help us with out extra work load, you can get a desk at an 80% reduction in price. That’s just £20 per month (+ VAT).

Come and join us for a free coffee and a look around at any time.

Cow on a Mission

Building a business with integrity

Cow on a Mission reached the No. 1 downloaded book on Amazon Kindle for ‘Management and Leadership’ and you can pick up your digital copy right now!

  1. Find out the three most important things you need to build a world class successful business.
  2. Discover how to build a business around what you’re passionate about.
  3. Uncover how to do big business and not be evil!

The blurb from the back of the book!

The issue at the heart of all that is wrong with business are organisations with a mission to maximise profit that supersedes all other considerations. I believe businesses should never have a mission that is simply “to make as much money as possible!” That’s pure greed! And greed is what turns capitalism bad! It’s what causes the sub prime mortgage market to collapse. It’s what drives Bernie Madoff to steal. It’s what causes thousands of job losses at Enron.

Greed is NOT Good, Mr Gekko!

Instead, let’s build businesses with inspiring missions and laudable core values that we’re not afraid to express to our customers. Let’s build businesses that are about more than just money. Let’s build Communities Of Work (COWs) on a Mission. This book shows you how to build your missional business and set about changing the world.

“A must for all  budding entrepreneurs.”
“Find out how to make a business more enriching.”
“This volume stands out as a beacon in support of a different way of doing business.”


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Studio 45,
10 York Road,
Whitley Bay,
NE26 1AB.

+44 (0) 191 228 6961

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