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Personal Budgeting App

Look after your money the simple way with brilliant budget! Set budgets, enter your spending and know exactly how much you've got at any time with our simple colour coded system.

Yeah, Done It!

The app to help your family have more fun and waste less energy getting things done!Keep track of chores, give rewards, fight less!

The Culture Guy

Ben has a passion to inspire, motivate, excite and challenge organisations to be brilliant. He wants to encourage business to be built on a foundation of inspiring mission, honest core values and an audacious vision. He has a vision to seen thousands of organisations all creating spaces where people thrive.


The only shoelace device that helps AND teaches kids to tie their own shoelaces. Gives them independence and saves you time! Teach your children to tie their laces in 5 mins with this device!

Hapnote Personal Management

Meaningful stuff not more stuff!

Hapnote is a life management system built around purpose not tasks and meetings. It ensures your precious time is spent on the important things that really matter, not just the urgent things that get in the way.

i3 Profiling

i3 Profiling is a the ground breaking personality assessment tool.

This assessment can be completed in just 15-20 minutes but its effects will last a lifetime. Taking into account 7 Individual Instinctive Indicators (i3), the assessment will reveal a totally unique combination for each person.

Ribbon Linking Tool

COGIVA RIBBON TOOL is a responsive HTML5 + CSS3 flash creator to give to your clients and create links into your website massively improving your SEO.

Cow on a Mission

Cow on a Mission reached the No. 1 downloaded book on Amazon Kindle for ‘Management and Leadership’ and you can pick up your digital copy right now! Find out the three most important things you need to build a world class successful business; discover how to build a business around what you’re passionate about; Uncover how to do big business and not be evil!


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